Head Country Foods Participates in Responsible Economic Growth

 New Lighting and Increased Sales Equals New Employees

Move over Kraft, Famous Dave’s and Hunt’s, because Ponca City’s own Head Country BBQ is heading up the ranking chart.   Head Country jumped from #14 to #11 in total sales and units moved as ranked by Information Resources Inc. (IRI) for the second quarter in 2015. With an 11.5% market distribution at the national level, Head Country BBQ is holding its own against those with a much larger market share.  The Top 10 BBQ Sauces have market shares anywhere from 30 % to 99%.

With an increase in sales at the National level and demand from international clients in Sweden and Germany, Head Country has added four new jobs to keep up with orders, building for future sales and to support current workers.    Paul Schotte, Head Country Vice President, stated “With the change in ownership this past year and the new lighting in all the warehouse and office areas, production has increased right along with sales.  Head Country is currently distributing to 18 countries including the U.S. and we could not be prouder of our product.”   The new lighting project was part of the Ponca City Lighten the Load (LTL) program which won the 2014 Bellmon Sustainability Award.  Head Country BBQ will proudly display the Bellmon award for the month of July before it heads to the next company that participated in the LTL Program.

Consumers who do not currently have access to Head Country BBQ in their local stores continue to purchase product online and the company ships 16oz to gallon size containers daily.  “But it isn’t just BBQ,” Schotte continued. “There are also seasonings and marinades available and we are in the process of rolling out our new flavor of sauce, Chipotle.”  Ponca City is proud to be home to the Head Country BBQ manufacturing and we do love our Head Country.   To find out more about their sauces, seasonings and marinades, check out www.HeadCountry.com and be on the lookout for their new Head Country Food Truck.

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