Dorada Foods Participates in Responsible Economic Growth


Dorada Foods Participates in Responsible Economic Growth

The Ponca City’s Lighten the Load Program was chosen as the recipient of the Henry Bellmon Sustainability Award for Responsible Economic Growth in October of 2014.  The Lighten the Load program is a partnership initiative between the City of Ponca City, Ponca City Development Authority (PCDA), EnergyBank, Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) and First National Bank and exists to assist Ponca City companies with their continued efforts in energy efficiency and cost reduction.  To date, the Lighten the Load program has reduced local energy demand by over 6.5 million kilowatt hours and saved Ponca City participating companies over half a million dollars in operating costs.

The Lighten the Load Program partners, along with local industries, began this effort to lower energy costs through the installation of new, high efficiency lighting in August, 2012.  The Bellmon Award for Responsible Economic Growth is truly an award to be shared by all the participating companies. To this end, the award statue will travel to all participating companies, spending a month at each facility.  This month’s spotlight company is Dorada Foods. Dorada is a stand-alone facility producing chicken products for food service and as of March, 2015, their new expansion manufactures products for retail customers.  Dorada Foods announced their plans to move to Ponca City in August of 2010. The facility grand opening was on October 31, 2011 with Governor Fallin, then Secretary of Commerce Natalie Shirley and other corporate dignitaries in attendance.  The company started production with 200 employees.

Participation in the 2012 Lighten the Load program resulted in updated lighting for the manufacturing and office areas in the Dorada facility.  Jay Stanton, Senior VP of Operations, who has worked closely with PCDA on past facility and staffing projects stated, “We are always looking for ways to increase cost efficiency due to running round the clock shifts.  With two production shifts and one maintenance shift, the lights are always on.” He continued, “The LED lighting not only reduced our energy costs, these lights also lowered the heat load which is important in a cold facility such as ours.”

With the expansion earlier this year, Dorada again used LED technology to make the new area more cost efficient.  “The lighting is bright, but no too bright” said Plant Manager Mike Echolt.  “Consultants and clients touring the new area have been moved to point and stare at our, well, you can’t print the adjective used, so let’s just say ‘out of this world’ lighting.”

Dorada Foods is currently hiring 100 more employees for their new expansion area.  Those with experience in refrigeration, machine maintenance and food industry can apply at the Workforce Office at 1201 W. Grand Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00 pm.

Congratulations to Dorada Foods on their efficient lighting installations and for being the April Partner Company receiving the Bellmon Sustainability Award for Responsible Economic Growth.


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