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Ponca City
Development Authority

102 S. 5th St., Suite #3
Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601

Office Phone: 580-765-7070
Fax: 580-765-0969

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Sensor Testing

The Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories opened on the ConocoPhillips campus in June of 2008.  Specializing in sensor testing and evaluation, this is an important component to the developing science of unmanned aerial vehicles as well as other Dept of Defense contracts.

Precision Manufacturing

High tech/low tolerance manufacturing is alive and well in Ponca City.  Ponca City has several manufacturers that have ISO Certifications as well as those companies that have built their reputations on innovation and diversification: Precision Tool & Die and Smith Bits, a Schlumberger Company.


Ponca City is in a unique position to have access to: water power -Kaw Lake Dam; solar panels - CME for Lenox; Wind Energy -  Ponca City Electric's grid; and companies that are willing to use sustainable technology - Smith BIts Ground Source Heat Pump Project.

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Weekly Update - January 13, 2012


Development Authority
January 13, 2012


IT’S A REQUIREMENT…to make a comment about Friday the 13th and say something about how it’s really lucky. Consider such a comment incorporated by reference. So on this Friday the 13th, we look back at a week that seemed to be the real beginning of the year. This week, PCDA worked on five different expansion projects in Ponca City and two recruitment projects. We have a site visit next week so there was some prep for that as well. The ball was also moved down the field, (excuse us, football season ended on January 2nd so we should say the ball was moved down the court) on two infrastructure projects too.  We were with our friends at the Kaw Nation on Tuesday, (see story, below) when they stood up a new wind turbine, a SAGE project that KEDA, (Kaw Enterprises Development Authority) is working on which you’ll hear more about in the near future.  We were also with our very good friends in state government on two separate occasions this week, once with the Governor’s Economic Development Marketing Team and again with the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council. This participation is vital since so many leads come through the state and, if we’re not there, they may forget where the very best place for a project is. We’re all about helping people you see.


DECEMBER COMES BUT ONCE A YEAR…and we would be less than truthful if we didn’t admit that things do slow down a little through the holidays. Our contact numbers were pretty good, but most of the contacts were more superficial, (holiday greetings and so forth). When you consider, however, that most of business is about relationships, these may have been some of the most important touches of the year.  To satisfy the data meisters, here are the specifics for December:  PCDA had 15 contacts with new companies, (meaning companies we are working with on recruitment projects);  We had 32 with existing companies, (meaning companies with whom we are working on expansions); Nine contacts with site consultants, 9meaning people who exist for the sole purpose of advising companies on where they should go and, no, we’re not kidding); eleven with our regional partners, (meaning other organizations with whom we work since ain’t none of us can do this alone); and 21 with our very good friends in the government because a great deal of our time is spent interfacing between various government agencies and business people.  As of the first of the year, PCDA had XX projects, (meaning a company that has specifically said, “hmmm….Ponca City is definitely on our short list for consideration of a recruitment or an expansion project.” They may not use those exact words but that’s what they meant to say). We’re also still working on one open lead that we would like to turn into a project. The total potential job count for the two is a little over a thousand jobs. One itty bitty problem, however, is that we do not have 1,000 people in Ponca City looking for work.  More on that…


FINDING THE JOB…Not just A job, but THE job.  We talk a lot about how thw workforce shortage has returned. What we mean by this is that companies are looking now for specific skill sets and those people who are unemployed either do not have those skills or they have not yet found out that a company here is looking for them. That’s generally what is meant by full employment and that’s the reality of Ponca City today. There is another side to workforce that we don’t talk about much and that’s the desire of people currently employed to potentially improve. There are increasing opportunities for employee’s whose thoughts turn to love or rather how much they do not love their current job.  Welcome to the underemployed.  Underemployed you say?  What does that mean?  In a down economy, sometimes a person will take a position that pays what is needed but does not fully utilize that person’s education, experience or training.  That person is what we in the economic development world call underemployed or not happy or looking for another position…. well, you get the idea.  The good news is that this underemployed person can brush up their resume, do some networking, check out the Workforce job site, send us a resume here at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)and basically set about finding a job that is more aligned with their education & training leaving open an entry level job for the next wave of employees seeking work. Whew, that’s a mouthful.  It is a great system and we encourage all of you underemployed (you know who you are) to get moving.  Call Joe at the Workforce Officeat 580-765-3372, call Kat at PCDA, check out the jobs listings on WorkforceOK.organd find YOUR job.  Another venue for job stalking is the Ponca City Workforce Office on Facebookfor current (read here higher skills) job postings as they come into the workforce office.  


SOLAR, WIND AND KEDA….Our friends and yours at the Kaw Enterprise Development Authority have themselves a wind and solar dual energy generator for their newest public lighting project.  The Sepstar Hybrid system is a customized stand alone, self-sufficient clean energy power source that can generate electricity through both solar and wind resources and store it off the utility grid in the supplied batteries. The unit installed by KEDA uses a 450 watt wind turbine and two 75 watt solar panels to charge batteries. The light created was impressive!  For more information and a picture of the unit, click here.  To go by and see the lighting up close and personal, swing by 177 and Hubbard Road in front of the KEDA offices.  Congratulations on their sustainability efforts. 


SEVEN DAYS AND COUNTING…..Time to talk Census again, specifically the American Factfinder.  Seven days until the old American Factfinder is retired.  Now this doesn’t mean you will be stranded with no access to Census data. Oh no, this means you need to go to www.census.govand check out the NEW, IMPROVED American Factfinder.  Unlike New Coke, this New American Factfinder is actually a GOOD thing with easier to use datasheets that can be managed in Excel, PDF and Word formats;  And there are some great interactive maps such as the County Business Patterns and Demographics Map.  You can view what industries are listed in Kay County, population, housing and rental rates as well as age and ethnicity. Want more information on Oklahoma?  Check out the OK Data Center at data.ok.gov.  What kind of information can you find?  Tax commission reports, Oklahoma Mapping data and stimulus fund spending just to mention a few.  If you are a Tweeter, there is great information to be had at http://twitter.com/OKdatacenter?partner=linkedin.  We are just full of ……information today.



  • Thur/Fri Jan. 19th-20th:  Dallas Call Trip
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Ponca City Development Authority. 102 S. Fifth Street, Ste. 3, Ponca City, OK 74601  580.765.7070/580.765.0969-fax, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)