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The PoncaWorks program was created to:

  • Assists local industry to recruit workers with specific, needed skill sets to Ponca City.
  • Work with the local Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission (OESC) office to recruit entry level workers for companies with multiple openings.
  • Work with individual companies, one-on-one, to recruit workers with specific skill sets not available in the local market area and customize recruitment efforts based on specific company needs.

The PoncaWorks Manager will have initial interviews with potential recruits to provide them with information about a job opening and brief them on the community.

Successful recruits will be submitted to the employer for consideration and follow-up will be conducted with those job seekers deciding not to relocate to Ponca City.

To contact the PoncaWorks Manager for more information or to submit a job description for inclusion on the PoncaWorks website, email slinn@goponca.com.

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